Project #3 for Rotoby represents a key venture encompassing the design and construction of blades for big wind HAWT turbines, using patented technology, and which will contribute to higher turbine efficiency, and appreciably lower the cost of power from renewable sources.

The evolution of technology in terms of innovative designs makes it possible to apply, on large wind blades, solutions that will significantly impact blade logistics, installation, maintenance, and efficiency. Thanks to the molding of thermoplastics materials and the development of modularity, the patented solution brings net cost reduction in different areas, not least of the cost of the finished product itself. Making use of the latest technology available on the market and with strong support of leading companies in the field, Rotoby Sp. z o.o. brings a whole new concept of optimization to the customized wind blades according to the customer's existing or brand new design.

The newly developed solutions that combine various levels of control and signaling already at the manufacturing stage, plus the ease of replacing the components, guarantee efficient maintenance management and flexibility, both in terms of time and cost.

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