3windy Sp. z o.o. manufactures and sells in the European market smaller wind turbine blades made of high-resistance thermoplastic materials characterized by greater durability, light weight, and very low cost since they do not require any maintenance.

Rotoby also makes and sells small dimension blades for mini VAWT and HAWT wind turbines less than 6 meters in size. With the experience gained over 20 years of manufacturing customized products made of thermoplastic materials that resulted in registering two patents, we are able to co-mold fasteners or any kind of connector and thus create a stable mounting that will survive for a long time and in all, even the most extreme weather conditions. We are also able to make blades of virtually any design, since our production is not limited to making fiberglass or carbon fiber blades featuring two sections joined and welded together.

Rotoby’s production technology allows for printing the blades as a single piece; a fact that contributes to increased blade resistance and lower maintenance cost; reduces the chance of turbine stops due to blade related problems. Too often, the traditional fiberglass blades are subject to cracking and delamination of the two parts, rendering the blade - and therefore the turbine - unable to generate electricity. Upon request, we can also make color blades which do not require painting, which - in addition to further driving production costs down - also reduces maintenance costs while allows to maintain the aesthetic and aerodynamic characteristics unchanged over time.

Our in-house design engineering office is able to customize any existing CAD project to develop molds required for the blade production. Please feel free to contact us for a specific offer.

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